Didgeridoo - Modern 49 inch Large PVC Didgeridoo - Orange Swirl

  • $69.00


Details: Suitable for beginners and performers alike, this didgeridoo is a lightweight and versatile instrument.

Weighing less than 1 pound (approx 0.4kg) so it can be played in a variety of positions; also, this didgeridoo is made of a minimum of materials so is unlikely to break or cause damage if it is dropped. The Toca pvc didgeridoo has a brighter and louder sound than other linear shaped didgeridoos. It's a great didgeridoo to start on, for a gift, or for the traveling didgeridoo player.


  • Lightweight at less than 1lb and made from durable PVC making it extremely light and durable, perfect for traveling or for kids.
  • 49 inches long with a bell end aproximately 3.5 inches in diameter.
  • Great Tonal Qualities, Plays very easily in the key of C#
  • Eyecatching Orange Swirl Design

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