Didgeridoo - Bamboo 52 inch with Hand Painted Aboriginal Inspired Artwork Red

  • $49.00

Lightweight, synthetic modern didgeridoo with beautifully painted artwork referencing traditional native Aboriginal designs on a red background. These didgeridoos are perfect for beginners and produce a distinctive drone with bright harmonic overtones. Each instrument measures 52 inches in length.


  • HAND PAINTED BAMBOO: These didgeridoos are a great way to get started on the oldest wind instrument in the world. The bamboo construction delivers a distinctive drone with harmonic overtones that allow you to easily achieve the desired sound.
  • EASY TO PLAY: These lightweight didgeridoos measure 47" long and are made for beginners or pros. Whether you are getting started and just want to experiment with different sounds or you are a seasoned pro, these didgeridoos are a great option to have in a home or studio.
  • MOUTHPIECE NOT REQUIRED: Although some players may prefer to use a traditional beeswax mouthpiece, they are not required to get sounds from these instruments. 



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