didgeridoo cd by anthony aleman

Didgeridoo CD "Ilpango Wuguri" by Anthony Aleman

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"Ilpango Wuguri"
by Anthony Aleman

Anthony Aleman worked with us here at LA Outback Didgeridoos for quite a while, and many of you will recall the awesome didge demos that he we would do for our YouTube channel. Now a father and living in Florida, Anthony is a professional didgeridoo player performing in and around the Sarasota area.

His debut album was released on 4/20, with a wink. "Ilopango Wuguri" blends smooth rhythms with atmospheric production. If you interwove the ethereal sonics of Inlakesh with the fast and funky riddims of Fish Out of Water, you would find Anthony's album somewhere in between. Not a bad claim for a debut album!

Throughout the eleven tracks we hear multiple instruments like flutes, ocarina, and djembe (what's a didge album without a djembe?) to round out the soundscape. Natural atmospheric recordings are mixed in as well, creating a vivid sense of mood and setting. This small detail is a very important touch that helps lend Anthony's album a distinguishable potency.

On the song Birthmark, we are introduced to flutes lilting amongst singing birds before a pair of didges begin growling layered rhythms. It's a powerful juxtaposition to the serenity of the moment, and a testament to the deep and meditative sound of the didgeridoo.

On the title track, Ilopango, the sound of a gentle stream leads us into a steady tribal drumbeat while Anthony's didgeridoo sings like a ghost in the mist. It's these moments that truly set this album apart; a dedication to pure substance of sound and vision. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite didgeridoo albums of the year, if not in years. Anthony has definitely shown himself as an artist and didgeridoo visionary for years to come.

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