Didgeridoo - Modern Hand-fired Style with Beeswax Mouthpiece - Easy Player

  • $54.00

Color: Brown, fire etched


  • Individual inspection and testing - we won't sell it if it doesn't sound good.
  • 52" tall, 2" wide - optimal for easy transport and excellent sound - Key of C
  • Hand crafted with synthetic and natural materials. More durable than wood, and weatherproof and lightweight.
  • Contoured playing end, hand dipped beeswax mouthpiece, with FREE Dark Beeswax Mouthpiece Replacement Kit to customize mouthpiece

Details: Deep drones, bright overtones, earthy appearance, and customized comfort characterize our very own creation, the Fire Etched Modern Didgeridoo. You'll be impressed with the volume this didge puts out, with the near indestructibility coming in handy around children or when traveling. 

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