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Didgeridoo CD - "Dogum" by Pamela Mortensen

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By Pamela Mortensen

Doğum is described by Pamela as being tales of worlds old and new told through the deep/light sounds of the didgeridoo.

It is a journey thought the undiscovered and uncovered. Come travel through worlds of light and shadow, dark and deep, bright and swirling where sorcerers tell their tales, instruments have lighthearted conversations and dragons fly for the shear joy of it. From the skirt of a whirling dervish to the depths where the stalagmites grow, Doğum is a portal where old and new stories begin their life.


Domestic CD  $9.98


In 2005 the sound of a simple hollow stick, the didgeridoo, captured Pamela Mortensen’s imagination by way of hearing an album by Aboriginal player David Hudson. This newfound experiment quickly turned into a passion taking Mortensen on a journey like no other.


Inspired by Turkish rhythms and urban beats among many other things, she practiced day and night, finding a combination of voice, rhythm and ambience that dives into and brings out the worlds of her imagination. She weaves a combination of light and dark, complexity and simplicity, color and contrast and touches it at times with a sense of humor transporting listeners to a realm of inner and outer spaces. The result is a richly colored tapestry of sound that is quickly becoming recognized and is earning her a spot as one of best of the emerging talent in didgeridoo playing in the US.


Among the most recent performances has been a collaboration with video artist VJ Tasara in presenting a multimedia show entitled Speaking from Spaces. This show merged the worlds of didgeridoo with imagined worlds of video art in an hour-long performance that transported audiences to other dimensions. Other collaborations have been with guitarist Edward Zincvage and with the Sacred Fire Flute Ensemble. She has two albums to her credit with a third album, Doğum, that is due to be released in 2010.


In addition to performing, she also is one of the handful of female didgeridoo crafters in the world, making her instruments from the Chaparral yucca plant which she both performs with and sells.


Her mission with the didgeridoo is to open up new worlds and space through synthesizing sound at the same time spreading her passion and enthusiasm for this most unique instrument.