unpainted bullroarer for sale

Bullroarer 18" long and 1.5" Wide From Unpainted Eucalyptus

  • $25.98

Bullroarer crafted from Mulga Wood
A bullroarer, also know as the "bush telephone", is swung overhead from an attached cord to produce a deep, humming drone. These bullroarers are hand made from brigalow wood.
Averaging 18" in length (not including nylon cord), these bullroarers are in stock and ready to ship straight away! Please note that our price on this current stock is quite low compared to most bullroarers that we import, and that's because there are a few minor imperfections in the artwork and finish. That said, it does not affect the sound at all, so no worries, just wanted to let you know.

Watch the video below to remind yourself
to be careful when you play with your bullroarer!

boomerand and bullroarer warningInjury Disclaimer

Like any inanimate object, boomerangs and bullroarers can hurt or injure you or another person if used improperly. Failing to follow safety guidelines could result in serious injury to yourself or others around you. Swinging a bullroarer near other people or objects can be dangerous. Please read the guidelines carefully and make sure you have plenty of room before using these items. You accept full responsibility for ANY accidents. Also, any bullroarer you purchase from L.A.Outback, LLC, becomes your personal responsibility and you are obligated to inform other users of possible dangers from misuse or abuse of the object/s. Keep it smart, safe and fun!