aboriginal painted boomerangs

Returning Boomerang - Brigalow Boomerang 10" with Aboriginal Art

  • $10.98

This genuine Australian boomerang measures 10" from tip to tip and is very light weight making it easy to throw. Instructions on how to throw the boomerang properly is printed on a sticker on the back, but we highly recommend that you also check out some of the great videos on YouTube that teach everything about throwing boomerangs.
The artwork features one animal painted on the natural wood background (like a kangaroo, turtle, fish or goanna lizard). If you want to pick from what animals we have on hand just ring us on 760-992-5982.
boomerang cartoon injury disclaimer la outbackInjury Disclaimer

Like any inanimate object, boomerangs and bullroarers can hurt or injure you or another person if used improperly. Failing to follow safety guidelines could result in serious injury to yourself or others around you. Boomerangs DO return to the thrower when thrown properly, but the boomerang may behave erratically in winds or in the hands of inexperienced throwers. Also, swinging a bullroarer near other people or objects is dangerous as well. Please read the guidelines carefully and make sure you have plenty of room before using these items.

By purchasing you accept full responsibility for ANY accidents. Also, any boomerang or bullroarer you purchase from L.A.Outback, LLC, becomes your personal responsibility. You are obligated to inform other users of possible dangers from misuse or abuse of the object/s. Keep it smart, safe and fun!