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Didgeridoo CD - "Arnhem Land Popular Classics"

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"Arnhem Land Popular Classics"
Aboriginal Field Recordings

In 1961, PhD anthropologist Dr. LaMont West traveled to northern Australia where he lived among the aboriginal people of Arnhem Land. West captured unique performances of the instrumental and vocal music of this ancient culture. The recordings give a sense of immediacy that draws the listener into the dusty, cluttered campsites with children calling in the background while songmen sing pieces taught to them by ancestors in dreams, and chant to the accompaniment of click sticks and didgeridoo.

The field recordings are a perfect way to experience the sound of tribal music from the heart of the outback country where the didgeridoo is still used in ceremony. You will hear Australian aboriginal elders from the Beswick Government Settlement in the Northern Territory and surrounds. A booklet that comes with the CD describes the story of the songs and includes a map of Arnhem Land pinpointing where the recordings were made. Digitally mastered for maximum sound quality. Highly recommended.

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