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L.A.Outback's Store Policies & Security

Exchanging Items

L.A.Outback gladly offers a 30-Day exchange policy on any item/s safely returned to us. We do not charge a restocking fee. Even if it's a gift, no worries, the recipient can make an exchange on their own and we will help them find exactly what they are looking for. Full refunds are not offered, but we will work with you in every way to make sure that you are happy with your final purchase. Our 20 years in business, awesome customer care, and 30-Day exchange policy keeps our overhead and fraudulent orders/returns to a minimum, allowing us to offer you competitive prices with Fair Trade ethics.

Returning Items

Please return items within 30 days of receipt if you wish to exchange. When returning goods priced over $100 you must insure the package contents at the price you paid (for reimbursement by the shipper if lost or damaged). The cost of return shipping and the normal shipping charges for replacement items are the responsibility of the buyer.

If your items are damaged during shipping we will file a claim with UPS. If the box appears damaged when you receive it please check the contents straight away. If you find damage upon delivery you can refuse the package and UPS will begin a claim process. Once the claim is filed (1-4 days) we will send you a replacement order.

We do not recommend the "UPS Store" franchises to return goods as they are overpriced. UPS is fine, but go to an official UPS hub, not a retail store. We also do not recommend using the post office to return goods unless you purchase a tracking number. UPS and FedX Ground are reasonable and packages are easy to track.

Didgeridoo Repair & Replacement

We guarantee to repair or replace any didgeridoo purchased from us that develops a crack due to the nature of wood. Eucalyptus didgeridoos will sometimes (however rarely) become stressed by extreme changes in temperature and/or lack of humidity. This can happen to any musical instrument made of wood, but we'll take care of it if you bought it from us. Simply return the didgeridoo safely and insured, and we'll determine if it can be professionally repaired. Or, if you prefer, we can send you a replacement. It's your choice.

We will repair, replace, or accept the loss of a badly cracked didgeridoo. You are only responsible for the normal cost of shipping on the repaired or replaced didgeridoo. Shipping charges depend upon the size of the box and where you live.

We pack orders with great care using new, strong boxes and bubble wrap. UPS has never denied us a claim. If they break it they buy it. If a didgeridoo is broken during shipping we will file a claim with UPS on your behalf. Once the claim is filed we will send you a replacement didgeridoo of your choice. We want you to very happy with your purchase. If you receive a box that appears damaged please check the contents straight away. If you find damage upon delivery you can refuse the package and UPS will begin a claim process.

Safe and Secure Online Shopping

Our website features powerful e-commerce tools like MIVA and SSL encryption technology. All of your personal information and credit card details are protected, and we are proud to say that in 20 years of accepting online orders we have a fraud score of zero. No information theft or abuse at all, so feel safe and protected when you shop on our website.

Our design uses "cookies" to remember what you've ordered for up to 4 hours. So, if leave your computer to take a phone call or if you step out for a while, your shopping basket is still intact and you can continue to shop. Don't know if your browser is currently allowing cookies? Read on...

Follow the instructions below to check or "turn on" cookies in your browser. You only need to change the setting once, unless you turn them off again later. Here's what to do...

To accept cookies (Internet Explorer):
1. Open your Internet Explorer 6.0 browser.
2. Press "Tool" located at the top of your browser.
3. Locate and press "Internet Options" from the selection box.
4. Locate and select "Privacy" and move the bar to any level of security you feel comfortable with as long as you don't select "Block All Cookies".
5. Press "save" settings and you are done.
6. Close the window and open a fresh window with the new cookies activated on your browser, you can now shop with ease.
You can change your settings back if you like by following the above process after you're done shopping.

A test to see if the cookies are working:
Your login user ID and password that you made up during your last visit should allow you to view your account information.
1. Check to see if your cookies are activated.
2. login to your account using your personal ID and password.
3. Select an item and add it to your shopping cart.
4. Press the "basket" button to see if the item(s) display. If your cookies are working you can continue shopping.
If not, check your cookie setting by following the previous instructions.

For live help ring us on 760-992-5982. Also feel free to email us at info@laoutback.com.

Thanks for shopping with us. We look forward to filling your order!

Good vibes,

Barry, Mark, Dubbo and Tooey