Didgeridoo Education

What is a Didgeridoo and What Kind Should You Buy?
didgeridoo informationThe didgeridoo is a wind instrument traditionally made from the trunk of termite hollowed eucalyptus trees from Australia. They average about 4 feet in length, and are played by vibrating your lips into the top end of the instrument which creates a deep humming drone.
Buy a didgeridoo that wows you every time you play it. We practice Fair Trade ethics and we've got the highest quality didgeridoo selection in the U.S. We offer so much variety to encourage your playing skill and help you build an awesome didgeridoo quiver.
The didgeridoo is a rhythm instrument, so you play "beats" instead of melodic songs. Play at your own speed as well: quiet or loud, fast or slow... you'll develop your own style. There are no rules or complex memorization. This makes learning the instrument very intuitive, so you don't need any musical training or years of lessons to enjoy playing the didgeridoo straight away. And there's no lung power needed as with other wind instruments. The didgeridoo is played with gently vibrating lips, voice, and tongue movement, not lung power. You won't believe how quickly you can learn this and how much fun it can be.
"I live in an apartment. Will the sound disturb my neighbors?"
No dramas about the loudness of a didgeridoo, as you can play softly and quietly simply by relaxing your breath. You can also put a folded towel under the "bell" end of a didge to absorb some of the sound. You get the same therapeutic benefit no matter how loud or quiet you play.


Get a Didgeridoo and Start Playing!

Buying a Didgeridoo for a Beginner

Straight away, demand quality! Think about it this way... if you wanted to get serious about learning to play drums, would you shop for one at a toy store because they're cheaper than the music shop? How much joy and encouragement would you get from a toy drum? Same with a didgeridoo. We know you can find cheaper didgeridoos elsewhere, but you get what you pay for, mate. Here at L.A.Outback you won't have to stretch your budget that far to get superior quality in sound and playability.

When selecting your first didgeridoo there are three things to keep in mind: ease of play, pitch and portability.

While the word pitch is the correct term for the soundwave or drone of a didgeridoo, the word key has become the most common expression among didgeridoo players. Both words mean the same thing. A didgeridoo has only one pitch, so you play rhythm rather than melody. The common pitch range for didgeridoos is from high A to low A. For ease of play, beginners should pick a didgeridoo somewhere in the middle of this scale, namely, C, C#, D or D#.

Authentic Eucalyptus Didgeridoos

Our specialty at L.A.Outback. We've earned a solid reputation for hand selecting and importing the best variety and highest quality Eucalyptus Didgeridoos into the U.S. Naturally, we'd like for you to consider an Australian eucalyptus didgeridoo with genuine Aboriginal artwork, but there are other choices below to fit most budgets. The Eucalyptus Didgeridoos that we have are naturally termite-hollowed, properly crafted and hand selected. They vary in price from $80 to over $800 depending upon the quality of sound, rarity of shape or size, and how much time went into the crafting and/or artwork. The average cost for a great sounding unpainted eucalyptus didgeridoo is about $240, and the average price for a beautiful Aboriginal painted didgeridoo is around $360. Shipping is free for any order over $50 in the continental U.S. We help support over 30 Aboriginal artists and crafters, and on this website you will find their photos, bios and information about the Dreamtime artwork on your didgeridoo.
Our ZBox Didgeridoos are the most
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You want a didgeridoo which will offer the best therapeutic benefit for your investment, so crush the urge to go for the cheapest model you can find. While there are heaps of low quality didgeridoos on the market we've had countless customers buy a junky one elsewhere only to come back to us for a good one.

Learning How to Play the Didgeridoo

We offer 1 hour private didgeridoo lessons for beginners in person or via Skype. All of the fundamental techniques are covered, from the basic drone to creating ryhthms, animal calls and circular breathing. To scheduled a lesson simply give us a ring on 760-992-5982, or sign-up for a virtual lesson on our Skype Didgeridoo Lesson page.

Our Playing the Didgeridoo course is series of 5 CDs which you can buy separately or s a box set. Everything from the most basic techniques up to advanced skills and rhythm-building are covered in an upbeat and easy to follow format. Learn circular breathing, vocalizing, tonguing, diaphragm control, rhythms and more. Liner notes provide an outline of the techniques covered, and each CD ends with an inspiring didgeridoo track.
You may also want to add a didgeridoo music CD to your order, both for encouragement and inspiration. We have the biggest selection of didgeridoo music on the internet, and you can hear MP3 sound samples for every CD from our Didgeridoo Music Pages.

Didgeridoo Mouthpieces and Your Health

You won't find mention of this on most other didgeridoo websites (although they should). A concern about clean didgeridoo mouthpieces began with my very first trip to Australia. I had gone there to suss out contacts with Aboriginal artists and didgeridoo crafters from the Central Desert to far NE Arnhem Land. I also found gift shops filled with low quality souvenir didgeridoos, and folks were always trying to play them, including me! I started carrying disposable alcohol wipes, and then did some research about germs, viruses and antigens just to educate myself and our customers.

Truth be told, most folks rarely clean their mouthpieces and never get sick by sharing them. Still, we disinfect all of our mouthpieces with a product we call Didgeri-Clean. It contains tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic) and lavender oil, so your new didgeridoo will arrive clean, fresh, and ready to rumble!

We're always here to help

Please feel free to contact us if you want help in selecting a didgeridoo from our website or shop, or if you have a question about any of our products or services. We can play the didgeridoos for you over the phone, and give you advice about an instrument that perfectly suits your needs and your budget.

Ring us at 760-992-5982 or if you prefer to email us simply click on our Contact Us page.