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Didgeridoo - The Didge Box - Compact for Travel

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The Didge Box
The most portable didgeridoo in the world!
the didgebox portable didgeridoo
Perfect for a beginner, but advanced players will want one to carry around on camping trips, to drum circles, and jam sessions with friends!

Weighs less than 1 pound and will easily fit in carry-on luggage, your backpack or suitcase. Ideal for auto, home, office and outdoors!
Pitched in the key of C. The Didge Box produces an enjoyable, not overly loud sound quality with the low deep drone of a full length didgeridoo.
Smooth, comfortable contact with the lips. The diameter is the perfect fit at just under 1.25" across. The Didge Box does not require the wax often used with eucalyptus didgeridoos.



The Didge Box produces the sound of a full sized didgeridoo yet it's smaller than a cigar box and weighs less than 1 pound.


playing the didgbox
If you play the didgeridoo (or want to) imagine the possibilites of not having to worry about packing, shipping, or carrying around your full sized didgeridoo. Just grab The Didge Box and you get the sound of a full 5 foot long didgeridoo in a handsome mahogany box that weighs less than 1 pound!
The Didge Box is pitched in the deep key of C. It's not a high pitched didgeridoo like you might expect from an instrument smaller than a cigar box.
Another great use of The Didge Box is for people who suffer with sleep apnea and chronic snoring. It's a medically proven fact that learning to play a didgeridoo Relieves Sleep Apnea and Snoring.
Beware of those cheap plastic imitations of The Didge Box found on auction sites and corporate musical instrument sites. The sound and playability of those toy models is truly disappointing and you'll just want to send them back.

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