didgeridoo mouthpiece wax for sale

Didgeridoo Wax - Beeswax for Didjeridu Mouthpieces

  • $4.98

100% Organic Beeswax

Free of paraffin and perfumes. This is enough beeswax for up to 4 large mouthpieces or 6 medium sized mouthpieces. We'll include instructions for shaping the wax to properly fit your didgeridoo, no worries.

This wax is very easy to work with because it doesn't need to be melted down in a double boiler like a brick of wax. Also, no more dipping the mouthpiece into hot wax over and over. Just tear off what you need and work it with your fingers after softening it a bit with heat from a hair dryer.

9" x 16" sheet in NATURAL or BLACK color   $4.98


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