Dan Flynn - Didgeridan Live Recordings from Indidjinus

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Listen to Didgeridan's Live Performance of "Space Caravan: The Overkill"

In honor of Didgeridan’s birthday today, we here at LA Outback had a listening session of his newest recording -- a live set at the In Didj In Us Didgeridoo Festival (clever play on words, right?). 

His live session was called "Space Caravan: The Overkill", and it’s easy to see why… his use of echoing reverb and psy-trance riddims are intoxicating. Throughout the album he utilizes his background in percussion to deliver funky, bass-thumping rhythms that will have your head bouncing like asteroids off his caravan.

One of Didgeridan’s unique signature sounds is his use of melodic trumpet toots. His specially-crafted didgeridoos maximize the accessibility of multiple real (and false) horn toots.

In some of his songs, like "Rumpus", we hear some pop and click beatboxing fused with breathy drop-octaves. On other songs he plays staccato trumpet toots to create fast, buzzing wobbles. This has some pretty dynamic effects with the echoing reverb, and he throws in some vocal scales as icing on the cake.

Didgeridan is an American pioneer in the didgeridoo community at large. From the technical aspects of the instruments he builds, to his playing style and advanced electronic gear, we can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for us.

Check out his music here on Bandcamp, and like Didgeridan on Facebook

Grab some headphones, drone out, and enjoy a ride on Didgeridan’s space caravan. I know I did.

Standout Tracks – Trinity, Pacific Avenue, Gypsy, Homerun, Anthem

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